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Sep 30, 2012 10:30am EDT
for signature. the united states signed the treaty on the very same day. u.s. ratification is in our national security interest. in the u.s. nuclear posture review, ratification of it is central to beating other nuclear weapons state still a world of diminished reliance and eventual nuclear disarmament. since we have maintained a 20 year moratorium on explosive nuclear testing, our practices are consistent already with the center of prohibitions of the comprehensive test ban treaty. ratification would be a significant affirmation of the importance that united states the tribute to the nonproliferation regime. by hastening the day that they are in the force, they were completely contribute to reducing the role of nuclear weapons. with a global ban on nuclear explosive tests, a state interested in pursuing weapons programs would have to either risk deploying weapons uncertain of their effectiveness or face international condemnation for conducting nuclear tests. ctbt would also subject violators to on-site inspections. a further deterrent to those states. it has been 12 years since the senate v
Sep 30, 2012 2:00pm EDT
by an alien for a torch only committed in violation of the law of nations for a treaty of the united states." this is a very old statute enacted by the first congress. it has sat dormant for 170 years. in some civil right type folks picked it up. -- been some civil right type folks picked it up and started bringing cases in which the plaintiff is foreign. the defendant is foreign. the tour took place in some foreign place. they say you have jurisdiction over this. courts have been going for this. they have been allowing some of these cases to go forward. this case raised the question of the of -- in this particular case, it took place in nigeria. the guy says the nigerian government committed these against me. they mistreated me. these foreign will company's work implicit -- foreign companies were implicit. so i am wanting to sue the oil companies in federal court. the defendant say this is not apply to corporations. he cannot actually sue a corporation under the statute. that was their claim. they did something very unusual. they actually said we want to consider a broader question. we wou
Sep 29, 2012 10:00am EDT
of substance use and treatment services for those disorders in the united states. because of the statistical power of this survey, is a prime source of information. on the scope and nature of the many substance abuse and mental health issues affecting the nation. i am also pleased to be here with our partners from the white house -- the director r. gil kerlikowske. [applause] he is one of the nation's most powerful voices for the importance of prevention of substance abuse and the support of recovery from addiction. this is recovery month, as you heard. we are especially appreciative of the efforts of everyone in this room at around the country who are interested in the messages of recovery, and what recovery means to those with mental and substance abuse disorders and their families. it is also a month in which we go beyond recovery and commit to the wellness of persons and recovery from mental illness or addictions to support the full health and well-being of these individuals, their families and their communities. he will hear this morning about both of these issues and from some of the p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3